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In Person Training Courses

Love your job, fleixble hours & uncapped income.

Hi, I'm Kirsty PMU artist and Lead Trainer.

I train complete beginners, New mums, beauty therapists and advanced artists who want to invest in themselves and careers to create a job and lifestyle that suits them. 

How it all started...


I was once working in the City in an admin role bored out of my brain. the job gave me no drive, i had no fire in my belly, i was fed up commuting long hours every day to sit behind a desk and work for someone else. I knew there was more out there for me so i began searching for a career that gave me the opposite to the life i was currently living.


Beauty always interested me, so I began researching I came across Eyelash Extensions and Microblading and as soon as i started researching more the excitement began.


I'm going to be honest, I quit my job and jumped straight on the two courses and they were not great. Yes i learned the skills i needed to do the job but the courses were packed, had far too many students there and little to no support on what to do next. I only worked on 1 model and then was left to go out into the world of beauty all by myself. i was scared and had no plan of action. 

My drive and determination pushed me to figure it out, i went on masterclasses did shadowing days and pushed myself to be the best artist i could be and i'm proud of where i have got to.

The reason i started training...

i wanted to give women a chance to create a career that suits their lifestyle. 

new mums that want to work flexible hours in a highly profitable career whilst not having to worry about leaving their babies for 12 hours+

Beauty business owners that want to add a high profit low cost service to their treatment menu

corporate girls that are fed up working 9-5

I have created courses that not only give you the skills and knowledge but teach you how to run a sucessful business, how to get clients in and give your a launch plan in how to suceed.

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