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Permanent Make Up Courses

Do you want to earn £3k a month and only work for 30 hours?
Are you currently working 9-5 in a corporate enviornement, in a ladder system, with capped salary and living for the weekends?
Are you fed up in your current job, have no drive or determination but worried about starting something new?
Are you a beauty business owner who is fed up working long hours to earn a decent wage and would love to add a high profit, low cost treatment to your service menu?

I totally know how you feel. i was you once, i hated working for someone else, in a low paid job and i lived for my weekends. i was fed up, had no drive or determination and was scared to start something new.

Adding Permanent Make Up to my service menu has allowed me to work in my own studio under my own terms. it has given me the flexibility i have dreamt about. I set my own working hours, i can take holiday whenever i like. i have an uncapped salary, i can earn as much as i like and most imporatnatly i wake up every day and do the "job" i love. 

This could be you too! artists in permanent make up are making £100k+ a year with a 4 day weekend!

are you wondering how this can work for you - here are how my past students are getting on...

“Kirsty is the best trainer. She was so knowledgable and supportive the whole way through. The course covered everything you needed and the kits provided were so useful (I'm still using the products from the kit now). Thank you for all your help over the last year Kirsty, i wouldn't be where I am without you"
"Since doing my lip blush course my income has doubled, I'm working less hours and I have such a better structure to my days.
To anyone thinking about training in permanent make up, do it you honestly won't regret it!"
“Kirsty makes you feel so comfortable and calm when training. She explains everything in so much detail. The courses are 1:1 so you really feel like you get all of the attention you need. Taking the leap and booking the training course was the best thing I have ever done. Thank you so much Kirsty!”

Kirsty offers both Permanent make up brow and lip blush courses that can be booked as individual courses or combined into a 5 day course. scroll down to have a sneak peak into our courses - 

Day 1:

  • detailed pre study and theory sent to you to complete ​

  • warm welcome and introductions

  • theory recap

  • In-depth colour theory and understanding skin types

  • business marketing workshop, including social media plan with content ideas and your launch plan for a successful business

  • latex practice

  • Demo model by Kirsty

Day 2 

  • how to master the art of mapping

  • your first model with trainer support

  • detailed feedback and q&a session

Day 3

  • recap and q&a session

  • model with trainer support

  • model with trainer support

  • personalised feedback

  • certificate and cheers to your new career!

a luxury kit, full of the industry's leading products worth £500 is included which is packed with everything you need to complete your first 20 treatments! 

Ongoing support -

now you have completed your training and are excited to launch a sucessful business its time to complete your case studies with the support and guidance from kirsty. she will be there every step of the way to guide you on this journey and watch you suceed!

Click the link below to discuss your new career with Kirsty
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